The Power of Mindful Cup of Tea

The Power of Mindful Cup of Tea

As a tea loving nation, we drink 165 million cups of tea a day.

But can you turn your cuppa into a powerful & mindful tool?

Enjoying a cup of tea is something many of us already do on daily basis. However, if you pay a close attention to your tea break, you can gain more positive benefits.

Practice mindful tea-drinking with this simple ritual:

1. Pause- Pay attention to the sound of the water heating and boiling in the kettle.

2. Enjoy the first sips.

3. Relax- When you are relaxed, you are more creative & see more possibilities in each situation. See this moment as an important & productive part of your day.

4. Focus on your body & how the tea makes you feel – calm & relaxed or energized & alert.

Bring a piece of mindfulness into your daily life by practising this tea drinking. See how beneficial and soothing this ritual can be for both body and your mind.