Haden x Liv&Dom

Haden x Liv&Dom

Twin sisters Liv & Dom Cave-Sutherland have built a cult following thanks to their distinctive illustrated ceramics, which they craft by hand in their beautiful studio in Lewes, East Sussex. This holiday season, they created a beautiful, limited-edition digital gift card for Haden.

Available to shop, 10% of all proceeds will go directly to FareShare.

  • How do you like your tea?

Liv - Being typical twins we both take our tea the same way!

Dom - With milk, absolutely no sugar, not fussy about whether the bag is in/out.

  • How many cups do you drink a day?

Dom - Always one in the morning, then most likely one after lunch, possibly one in the evening!

Liv -  The same again! We usually have them at the same time on a work day as well.

  • If you could have tea with anyone, who would they be?

Liv - Definitely someone from the past... One of the Brontë sisters, maybe? To ask them lots of questions about a world that's so far removed from ours.

Dom - Our Dad's Mother, who we never met. To find out more about our past and family history, and hear tales from her life in Jamaica.

Which one of you is more likely to make tea for the other?

Liv - I think Dom is more likely to make teas for us. I'm more likely to offer and then get distracted and forget to make them.

  • Tell us about what you do.

Dom - The main part of our practice is hand sculpting and decorating ceramics that we sell on our webshop livanddom.com and also in our studio in Lewes. We also regularly collaborate with other brands (like Haden!) doing design/packaging commissions, limited edition ceramics or events.

  • How did you get started?

Liv - We both studied illustration at the same university but were working independently of each other. Both of us weren’t enjoying what we were creating and thought that two heads would be better than one so did our final year project together. The project just continued after University and became our careers.

What was your inspiration for the Liv & Dom x Haden limited-edition gift card design?

Dom - Seasonal produce and botanicals, for traditional winter fare. We love any excuse to include food in our work as we love cooking, so it was a no brainer.

  • Can you describe your aesthetic?

Liv - Folksy, rustic, traditional, botanical, detail-oriented, warm, playful.

  • What inspires you?

Dom - Vintage crafts and textiles, browsing antique shops is something we love to do. Walking in the English countryside and studying the seasonal changes is something that also informs our work a lot.

  • What are your favourite materials to work with?

Liv - We love working with clay that's good for hand building, this kind of clay makes turning something that's in our minds eyes into reality with ease!

  •  What is working with your sibling like?

Liv - So fun! I think the fact that we are best friends as well makes our sibling bond a very strong one. It's great to share your career highs and lows with a best friend. Also, if we ever have creative disagreements, we always know how to handle them from a lifetime of dealing with each other!

  • What are your favourite things about living and working in Lewes?

Dom - The peace and quiet of living in the South Downs, but the town is so vibrant and full of great artists, shops, cafes and small businesses - it’s rarely boring, for us anyway!