whinnie williams

A cuppa with…. Whinnie Williams.


Singer, presenter of Channel 4’s Changing Rooms and of the BBC’s Flat Out Fabulous, and co-founder of Poodle & Blonde: Whinnie Williams creative talents are endless.

We stopped for a cuppa at her beautiful Margate home, to discuss creating a space you love and to steal some of her best styling tips.

How do you like your tea? 

I like a builder’s tea: milk, sugar, and lots of them!

How many cups do you drink a day? 

My tea consumption is alarmingly high… probably six to ten a day.

If you could have a cuppa with anyone, who would they be? 

If I could have tea with anyone, it would be Elvis Presley: so I could ask him lots of questions… and maybe he could serenade me a bit.

 How did you come up with the design for the Margate set?

When [Kierra and I] designed the Margate kettle and toaster, we just wanted to make something that was really fun and create a bit of a wow moment in the kitchen. When anyone comes around my house they ask “where did you get that from?” - and that’s just the most fun thing.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Margate?

The community. I've never met so many creative, wonderful people - it’s a real bit of magic, Margate. 

When did you move into your house?

We moved into this house seven years ago. It was an absolute mess and it’s been really fun to bring it back to life. 

Which room is your favourite? 

The kitchen has to be one of my favourite rooms, because it's where parties start. And I just love to host, so I love to cook for loads of people. It's a creative space.

 What’s your best piece of advice for creating a home you love? 

I always say to people, ‘imagine you are a movie star: which movie would you live in?’ and just create a vision of that. That’s the funniest way to live I think. 

 Your top interior styling tips? 

I would say always style in odd numbers, and you want to get things at different heights, different textures. Also, [choose] stuff that’s got your personality in it. It’s so important to style with stuff you really love.