A Cuppa With… Micaela Sharp.

A Cuppa With… Micaela Sharp.

Never afraid of a bright colour or bold pattern, interior designer and co-founder of Studio Janeattie, Micaela Sharp knows a thing of two when it comes to joyful interiors. We stopped for a cuppa to take note.

How many cups of tea do you drink every day? 

I’m a bit of a tea fanatic so I’ll have at least five cups of tea every day. 

If you could have tea with anyone. who would they be? 

If I could have tea with anyone, I think I would have tea with Micaela Coel. From Micaela to Micaela - I would love to pick her brains on what projects she is working on next and whether I could design her house for her. 

Tell us about your work...

I trained as an upholsterer and started my business quite a few years ago, but now I moved towards interior design and I also launched a soft furnishing company with my very good friend Charlotte Beevor, called Studio Janettie. 

How did Studio Janeattie come about?

Studio Janeattie came about because Charlotte is a designer and I am an upholsterer, so we wanted to create things together. So Charlotte made our nine designs, which are floral and paisley and striped, and I sewed the most pretty, frilly cushions that I could. 

What's the most important thing to focus on when designing a space? 

When I’m designing spaces I focus a lot on textiles, so I like to layer up lots of different patterns and colours to create something really cozy. 

Where do you get inspiration from? 

I really get inspiration from anywhere, predominantly the natural world. Often I go out into nature and start looking at leaf patterns or other natural designs - florals for example, that brings me quite a lot of joy.