A Cuppa With… Lilah Parsons.

A Cuppa With… Lilah Parsons.

After a career in modelling and radio, multi-talented Lilah Parsons rediscovered her love for painting during the pandemic.

We stopped for a cuppa at her beautifully curated London home to discuss inspiration and the mindful power of creativity. 

How do you take your tea? 

I love a herbal tea  - anything berry, cranberry and raspberry is my favourite.

How many cups of tea do you drink in a day? 

I can easily get through about three cups of tea, particularly when it's a bit chilly.

 If you could have tea with anyone. who would they be? 

Oh, such a good question. Can I have a few people? Can I have Phoebe Waller-Bridge,  Taylor Swift and Jane Austen. I think we'd have a great time together. 

 When did you start painting?

I've always loved painting and drawing since I was a child. I went to art school after I did my A-levels, but then my career ended up going in a totally different direction and I almost forgot about it a little. But then lockdown came along and I picked up my brushes again, and started doing watercolour, which I love.

What’s your painting style? 

I started doing a lot of botanical work, really detailed paintings and drawings of flowers and nature, and I came up with this style that I've just gone with and really love doing.

What inspires you? 

I'm really inspired by nature. I love drawing flowers, plants, leaves, anything botanical. And I also just find that it's such a therapeutic process. To me, art is almost a form of mindfulness. I think it's just really good for the soul. And in fact one of my theories is that everyone should and can be creative. I think it does a world of good. 

Tell us more about your work…

I focus a lot on lettering work. I love creating names or initials out of flower drawings. And it's really special, because people come to me for commissions for important and memorable moments in their lives. The birth of a new child, an engagement or wedding present.

What else do you do when you are not working on commissions? 

I run workshops with young people and adults doing floral lettering work and it's so exciting to see people learn. I really love encouraging people to be creative, especially those who haven't picked up a paintbrush since primary school: they're often scared to give it a go, and seeing them realise that they can actually do it is so lovely.