It can be tricky to choose your kind of kettle. There are so many styles, colours and shapes to choose from. We identified these key features to consider when buying the perfect kettle for you:


Try to match the capacity of your kettle to your needs. Cup markings mean that you boil just what you need without wasting water.

Temperature Gauge

Very useful when brewing different teas, which require specific temperature, e.g. 80C for brewing green tea.

Rapid Boil

The kettles, which are considered as rapid boil offer up to 3000 Watts power. More powerful kettle boils water much faster than a standard kettle.

Boil-Dry Protection

Kettle will automatically turn off if it doesn’t contain enough water.

360° Base

Cordless 360° base means you can place or pick up the kettle from any angle, very useful if you are space restricted or left-handed.

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